Cross-platform, programmable, automated file transfer software
Automated File Transfer (AFT) is more than just the power to manage the way your files are moved to/from remote servers, it's the ability to do so according to complex rules and procedures that You define and control. AFT! is designed to give you the ultimate level of control over such process, and its integration into your company's workflow.
A powerful scripting engine that lives in the ecosystem of a full-featured automation platform. Together to achieve what no other MFT product can: unparalleled flexibility and granularity of control.
Deploy AFT! together with Server! to achieve the ultimate Managed File Transfer capability.
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The aftJS language

Yes, we went as far as creating an extended programming language, specifically designed for Automated File Transfer. At its core it's simply JavaScript (ECMA5) that you already know and love. But enriched with the most powerful file-transfer functions you can imagine.

Ready-made script library

No need to reinvent the wheel. AFT! comes equipped with a Script Library where you can find many ready-made, free-to-use scripts, to get you started in minutes, with very little to no effort. And it's built right into AFT!'s web interface for easy access.
Automate transfers to/from your SFTP server, or AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, and many more to come...
Event Watchers
Automatically watch every local or even remote (in cloud) file system for changes, and trigger file transfers when such changes occur.
Cron-compatible scheduler, with task de-duplication, built right into AFT!'s web interface, for ease of configuration and use.
Multi-Platform AFT! is the first product in Syncplify's line to support Windows, several Linux distributions, and soon MacOSX,
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