Securing the "channel" is not enough

You want to make sure that all of your data is safe, anywhere, at all times...
Most vendors offer very narrow, vertical solutions, that only tackle a portion of the problem. They may offer intrusion prevention, but not network encryption, or maybe they offer a secure network channel but don't take care of encryption at-rest, and so on...
With Server! and AFT! working together, instead, you can easily achieve true end-to-end data security and protection.

Local Storage

AFT! can encrypt your data at-rest on the client's local storage via built-in PGP or custom methods


AFT! and Server! can transfer data over the network using the most modern encryption techniques


Server!'s built-in and unique Protectorâ„¢ technology can prevent known and unknown threats

Server Storage

Server! can encrypt your data at-rest on the server's storage using its encrypted virtual file system
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