New Syncplify brand identity

Syncplify is marking an important milestone in its life. As Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, said: “change is the only constant in life”. We grow, we develop, and we update what Syncplify stands for: security, reliability, and intuitive management. Syncplify's existing and new customers are an invaluable part of the company. Therefore, the idea to make the world a digitally safer place and help customers to establish the groundwork for safety is the priority.

Adaptability is a survival skill. We adapt to your needs and market requirements. World governments always come up with new rules and laws to abide by. That is why we constantly release new versions of our flagship software, Server! to stay in-tune with regulations, and improve its security features, often to even exceed such regulations.

With a logo/brand refresh, new website, and new knowledge base and support methodology, we strive to deliver even more efficiency to both, you – our customers - and the Syncplify team. 

We also changed product icons because we have several more products lined up for release and/or in development. Getting a unified image is important and again, avoids confusion.

Thank you for being with us!

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