Other Syncplify Software

Syncplify.me Notepad!

Syncplify.me Notepad! is an awesome replacement for your stock Windows Notepad text editor, featuring: 
  • Multi-tab, multi-document editing 
  • Can edit large documents (greater than 4 GB)
  • Easy to use, with a great look-and-feel
  • Printing and WYSIWYG print preview 
  • Ideal also for advanced users and programmers 
  • Editor styles (both for colors and syntax highlighting)
Syncplify.me Notepad! is a freeware product by Syncplify.

Syncplify.me FTP!

Syncplify.me FTP! is a totally free, graphical, multi-threaded FTP, FTPS, and SFTP client for Windows, featuring:
  • Protocol support: FTP, FTPS, and SFTP
  • Multi-tab interface: keep multiple file transfer tabs open at the same time
  • Supports large files (greater than 2 GB)
  • Sleek and easy to use GUI
  • Automatic connection optimization for maximum speed

Syncplify.me MicroServer!

MicroServer! is a portable SFTP server for Windows. It’s less than 3 MB in total, and can be run from a USB stick. It’s free for any use, including business and commercial, but it's extremely limited.
It’s mainly suitable for one-time or sudden secure file transfer jobs from/to machines where you don’t want to install a full-featured Server!, but you still need to run such file transfers securely.
It only supports one user profile, one root folder, incoming connections from one client at a time, and no protocol nor security settings can be configured.
Some users may use it also to test their SFTP client software, or as a personal secure file transfer server for their small home network.
Please keep in mind that if your goal is to deploy and use an SFTP server in a corporate environment for long term use (more than just a few minutes) then this is not what you need; to accomplish that you'll need Syncplify.me Server!
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