Back to the list AFT! v2.0.0 released

We have released version 2.0.0 of our AFT! software for Windows.

This update is particularly important not just because it's a new major version, but also because it's a "rename version". In fact, previously this product used to be known as MFT! and now it's been renamed (for clarity) to AFT!

Should you have previously installed MFT! v1.x for Windows, please, be aware that this is an automatic upgarde; all of your settings, scripts, jobs, everything will be kept and automatically upgraded, simply by downloading and running the installer.

If, instead, you are running MFT! v1.x on Linux, please, uninstall by choosing the uninstall option that allows you to preserve your settings, then install AFT! in its place. Before this operation, on Linux, it's of the utmost importance that you backup the SMMFT_EK global system environment variable. If the AFT! installer changes it, you can then restore it to its previous value.

Thank you.

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