Secure, dependable, feature-rich FTP(S) and SFTP server for Windows
Ultimately, running an SFTP (or FTP/ES) server is all about security and reliability.
Whether you need to run a mission-critical, HIPAA compliant file transfer server, or you want to securely backup your Cisco UCM, you need to make sure that your SFTP server can handle the workload while protecting you from external threats at the same time.
You also want your SFTP server to be extensible, to be able to run your own scripts, and execute your own workflow. At Syncplify we understand that every customer has unique needs, that’s why we designed Server! to fit them all by blending a full-featured scripting framework and event-handling subsystem into it.
And much more...
Highest Security 
Automatically identifies attacks, even unknown ones, thanks to its artificial intelligence core. Blacklists hackers before they break in.
Deploy 2 or more SFTP server nodes (machines or VMs) that act as one, and even if a node goes down your SFTP service will keep working.
45+ events can be intercepted and handled to perform custom actions like sending emails, zipping and moving files, and… so much more!!
White-lists, speed limits, virtual folders, multiple key-pairs per user, ability to manually select encryption and HMAC algorithms…

And more... much more...

Active Directory

Full support for Active Directory (AD) users and groups. Catch-all virtual user profile, and mixed user types are also possible.


Limitless possibilities to extend Server!’s functions with 4 scripting languages: JavaScript, Basic, C++Script, or Pascal.


Run multiple isolated instances of the SFTP service on a single machine or virtual machine, and delegate administrative roles.

One-click Security

Click one single button, select your desired preset, and the software will automatically configure hundreds of security parameters for you.

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System requirements: any 64-bit Windows edition

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